Join the EdTech Center Fridays for Distance Education Strategy Sessions

November 11th, 2021 | News


Every second Friday of the month, the EdTech Center @ World Education hosts Distance Education Strategy Sessions for adult education practitioners and education professionals. Running since March 2020, these interactive webinars highlight innovative and sustainable ways to enhance adult learning, and feature lightning talks, breakout discussions, and group Q&A. Topics include using technology to develop career-focused English language learning, and using WhatsApp to deliver instruction and/or professional development. Watch a clip from last month’s strategy session.

The next Distance Education Strategy Session on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 1 pm EST will explore the EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit, a resource for educators to create strategies for instruction that integrate technology and build digital literacy skills for learners. The toolkit is a mobile app that allows teachers to search open education resources and strategies for using them.

The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit enables educators to build routines to teach digital skills, utilize a variety of EdTech tools, and view resources based on individual skills through the Digital Skills Library. This Distance Ed Strategy Session will formally unveil the toolkit, provide an overview of the features and how to use them, share practitioner feedback, and have an open discussion to share ideas and ask questions. 

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