Rumbi, Ongoing Learner and Teacher

Before Rumbi entered into the work readiness program offered by the Bantwana Initiative of World Education and partners, she was disheartened. She had only passed two of her exams, and she knew her job options were very limited because of her results.

However, one-day Rumbi was identified and enrolled in World Ed’s work readiness program. Filled with hope, she participated in intensive 1-week life skills and job preparation training. She excelled and left the training with new skills that prepared her for the modern workplace.

After Rumbi completed the life skills and job preparation training, she participated in a second training to become a facilitator in our Second Chance Education program. At the time, she was unable to continue her education to become a formal education teacher. Therefore, that training was a great opportunity for her to learn how to be an expert facilitator. She also got an internship with a local orphan care center to gain more practical skills.

Rumbi writes on a chalkboard.
After completing the six months of her internship, Mavambo Orphan Care offered Rumbi a full-time position as an out-of-school group facilitator. In that role, Rumbi was able to teach and help young women and men in her community. She also started earning her own stable salary. She was grateful and excited, “I am still passionate about becoming a teacher, but with this job, I have a stable salary so I can help buy food for my own family and cover our bills.”

After the training and support she received from the work readiness program, Rumbi accepted a job that enables her to help rebuild the lives of young Zimbabweans who dropped out of school. She continues to strive for her big dreams though, studying and preparing to retake her examinations that she failed before.

Rumbi smiles for a photo in her classroom.
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