Supporting Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

November 17th, 2022 | Stories

November 18th is World Day for Prevention and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Violence. The Bantwana Initiative of World Education recognizes this day to show the need for preventing abuse, bringing perpetrators to justice, and giving a voice to victims as part of their healing process.

To strengthen the case management system in Uganda to respond to child sexual abuse, Bantwana holds case conferences at the sub county and district levels through the Western Uganda Bantwana Program. During these conferences, Bantwana coordinates with parasocial workers, key government officials, police officers, sub county chiefs, and teachers. These stakeholders discuss cases and key emerging issues, provide feedback, and develop action plans aimed at preventing and responding to abuse.

During one case conference, Bantwana received word that a 12 year old child was sexually abused by her step father and was taken to the health center for care by her older sister. After the case conference meeting, a parasocial worker took on the case and supported the girl and her sister to report the case to the police. The stepfather was arrested, and the case was forwarded to the state attorney who recommended further examination of the survivor to aid the legal process.

Bantwana helped the child receive the examination, and began conducting regular home visits to ensure the child’s safety and continuous psychosocial support. Bantwana is now working with International Justice Mission to support the ongoing legal process and prevent future abuse.

Since 2008, the Western Uganda Bantwana Program has helped more than 5,000 children and their families and 40 schools to build resilience and reduce violence in school, at home, and in communities.

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