The Black Community Must Be a Priority: A Letter from our CEO

June 9th, 2020 | News


Dear World Education and JSI Community,

World Education and JSI stand for equal and equitable access to health, health care, education, and employment. Since each organization was founded, we have worked with partners to reduce disparities across education and public health, including in the criminal justice system, housing, and immigration. We’ve had a solid foundation from which to make significant contributions to quality of life. Part of this foundation includes the racial justice and health and education equity work that many within our organization are already doing and leading.

Within World Education/JSI, we stand with the African American community by unraveling the fabric of racism, maybe by row, maybe by stitch, to weave an organization that is a catalyst for anti-racism. World Education/JSI is committed to real change; it is a priority for us. As one immediate action, we are donating to the following frontline organizations:

These donations are but one step on a list of critical actions. Racism is a public health crisis that leads to gross disparities in educational, health, and life outcomes, and our role as public health and education experts is to advance the Black Lives Matter fight for racial justice. We understand that at this moment, more than any other, it is not just about hope; it is about learning, listening, and taking significant action that redefines the future for the African American community.


Joel Lamstein

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