World Education Joins the Greening Education Partnership

In line with World Education’s increasing attention to the role of education in addressing the environmental and climate crisis, on September 30, 2022 the organization joined the new global Greening Education Partnership.

The Greening Education Partnership was officially launched at the Transforming Education Summit last month by UNESCO and the Governments of Japan and the United Kingdom. With the goal of ensuring learners gain knowledge, competencies and attitudes to promote inclusive, sustainable development and tackle the environmental emergency, the Greening Education Partnership encourages governments, development partners, and civil society to jointly take action and reach the set targets in four areas: 1) greening schools; 2) greening learning through curricula, pedagogy, and assessment; 3) training teachers and school leaders; and, 4) engaging communities through lifelong environmental education and action.

Working in over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the United States, our strong presence and relationships position us well to contribute to the Greening Education Partnership and assist education ministries, schools, communities, teachers and young people to take action.

Our educational approach over the last 70 years embodies the importance of ensuring that the full, diverse spectrum of children, young people and adults gain not just knowledge and skills, but the values and agency to transform themselves and wider society. We emphasize relevant, inclusive, and action-oriented pedagogies that prepare learners for the rapidly changing, green, and digital economies, foster responsibility for the future, and enable people to make informed decisions and take individual and collaborative action.

Together with our local partners, World Education is equipping young people with the skills and behaviors needed to build a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. Our aim is to help schools lead in environmental action and education geared towards a green economy and responsibility for a shared planet.” – Margaret Crotty, CEO, World Education

From leadership training, peer-learning, and youth groups to project-based learning, youth-led community outreach, and action research, World Education strives to model transformative education at its best. We accomplish this through working with governments and local partners on curriculum development, teacher development, whole-school planning, and community engagement in formal and nonformal education.

Signing on to the Greening Education Partnership strengthens our resolve to scale up this work. We will purposefully engage with education ministries and assist them to meet the four action area targets – from integration of environment and climate education into national curricula and nonformal and adult education, to teacher training and assessment.

As aptly stated by Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, “Now is the time for every education system to lead the transformation that is needed to set our world on a more just and sustainable course, because our common future depends on our present actions.” World Education intends to be a part of that change.