Youth-led Climate Action, AI in Education, and more: Our Top 2023 Stories

January 25th, 2024 | Blogs


In a 2022 survey, 17,000 young people from 166 countries called for comprehensive changes to education in response to the global climate crisis. Youth-led research has the potential to incite change.

Like the introduction of any new technology, we need to understand AI’s potential benefits and risks to teachers and students to guide its sustained use in education.

A reading club facilitator points to words hanging on the wall with a pointer as a young girl stands in front of them and practices reading

We looked into the investment in bilingual education in Mozambique and why it is integral in efforts to increase the number of students who have basic reading, writing, and math skills.

Nepalese children practice Nepali Sign Language with flashcards

Supporting diverse learning styles requires variety in how teachers present information and how students acquire and demonstrate knowledge. Training in Universal Design for Learning principles and access to high- and low-tech learning materials helps teachers foster inclusivity.

African mother holds and kisses young baby outdoors

Livelihood pathways for young women build economic resilience and improve health and well-being. Employment opportunities, combined with health education, are raising viral suppression rates for women with HIV and reducing transmission to their children.

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