Annual Report

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In 2021, we celebrated our 70th anniversary. Together we reviewed and reflected on the growth that has taken place in the countries where we work, and how our role in the movement for social justice has evolved over these many years. In our 2021 Annual Report, we have framed results around the key themes of adaptability, people-centered, and relationships, with examples of  our achievements and project results.

Unlike 2020, which focused on temporary methods of compliance with emergency protocols, we are finding durable solutions because it is clear that the future will be different as a result of this global experience.”

-Paul Musante, Board Chair, World Education


Letter from the chair of the board of World Education on our work to improve access to education around the world in 2021


Adapting to changing circumstances has always been a critical approach. As we reflect on our work in the context of equity and anti-racism, we recognize the need to adapt our approaches, language, and understanding of the social and economic problems we seek to resolve systemically and locally. Transcending groups and nations, the consequences of climate change are the ultimate test of versatility and ingenuity—for World Education, the development sector, and the world. Furthermore, as the COVID pandemic continued to move learning and other services online, our adaptability as an organization was critical to providing continued support. Following are just a few examples of our work in 2021.

In 2021, World Education trained teachers to reach students with bilingual education, provided services for those affected by gender-based violence, distributed at-home learning materials, and trained adult education professionals in distance learning instruction and diversity, equity, and inclusion.









We have always put people at the center of solutions to community problems. We consistently focus on people’s needs, listening to what they want, engaging end-users in program design, and monitoring and revising approaches as we gather feedback. We use these perspectives to identify disparities in access to education and reshape the systems that perpetuate them.

In 2021, World Education provided case management services to those vulnerable to HIV, supported single mothers who are in college, led mine risk education through puppetry troupes, and conducted a study to understand parenting behaviors around education.









We cannot do our work alone. Partnerships with local organizations and communities, as well as funders and government bodies, are critical for any program to succeed. We engage with partners in honest reflection and critical feedback so that our work continues to be responsive, respectful, and community-driven.

In 2021, World Education held community learning sessions for out-of-school students, trained parents in child protection, collaborated with adult education and higher education partner organizations, and provided social protection services to people affected by HIV.