Bantwana Eswatini

Bantwana Eswatini is a locally-registered non-profit organization in Eswatini, managing a diverse, innovative portfolio of programming that reaches 28,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), adolescent girls, and young women (AGYW), young men, and caregivers annually in collaboration with national and sub-national government, community leaders, schools, and implementing partners. Bantwana Eswatini was founded in 2008 to bolster grassroots efforts to mitigate the socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS on vulnerable children and affected households. With close ties to its parent organization, The Bantwana Initiative of World Education, Inc., Bantwana Eswatini has evolved into a driving force in program innovation delivering integrated socio-economic, health/HIV, social and child protection, and education interventions nationally. Rooted in scalable community-based approaches, Bantwana Eswatini is a direct implementer of programming, as well as a key technical partner collaborating with government counterparts for sustainable development at-scale.

Bantwana Zimbabwe

Bantwana Zimbabwe is a local private voluntary organization that aims to improve the well-being of vulnerable children, young people, families, and communities affected by HIV, poverty, and humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe and in the region. Bantwana Zimbabwe supports a broad range of integrated education, health, and social protection services for vulnerable children, youth, and their caregivers. Bantwana Zimbabwe works in partnership with government, civil society organizations, and communities to strengthen their capacity to provide comprehensive, gender-equitable, and inclusive programming in education and child rights, HIV and gender-based violence prevention, economic empowerment, early child development, and social protection. Current programs are reaching approximately 125,000 vulnerable children and youth, including adolescent girls and young women, in 33 districts across the country.

Good ReturnWorld Education Australia and Good Return Logo

In 2003, World Education launched the nonprofit World Education Australia Limited, which now operates under the business name Good Return. Good Return has become a leading provider of microfinance, microenterprise, and livelihoods support services in the Asia Pacific region. World Education and Good Return maintain a close working relationship and often partner on projects in the region.