Economic Strengthening

Building skills and economic capacity for better futures

Lack of access to basic financial services and even modest amounts of capital keep the world’s poorest people in a generational cycle of poverty.

Community savings groups build financial literacy skills, strengthen social networks, promote the practice of savings, and provide access to micro-loans, supporting members to develop positive coping mechanisms in the face of economic shocks. By layering other services such as market-linked entrepreneurial training, positive parenting, HIV and gender-based violence prevention, and gender-transformative interventions, community savings groups serve as a platform for economic empowerment and social service provision. 

Our interventions link community savings group members to formal financial services including micro-finance institutions, mobile banking, and banks.

Community members gather regularly to participate in savings groups.
Inclusive Development

We build and promote opportunities for persons with disabilities through community-based inclusive development (CBID). Programs can include health, education, livelihoods, and economic empowerment activities that help people with disabilities and their families overcome challenges. CBID particularly promotes the participation and voice of persons with disabilities in decision-making processes at the local level.



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