JSI and World Education Announce Organizational Merger

June 30th, 2023 | Press Release


Effective July 1, 2023, World Education, Inc. will become World Education, a division of JSI.

Since 1951, World Education, Inc. has worked to reduce disparities in education and strengthen safety net programs around the world. JSI, founded in 1978, is a global public health nonprofit organization that works to improve health outcomes for all. The merger is an acknowledgment of a more than 30-year relationship, during which JSI and World Education have been affiliated as organizations working on the intersecting issues of public health and education with a shared commitment to equity and innovation.

Together, JSI and World Education will leverage a single administrative infrastructure to support programs. In merging, we are enhancing experience and expertise, streamlining collaboration, and strengthening our ability to fulfill our mission while remaining committed to local-level decision-making.

This merger will enable JSI and World Education to better meet the needs of communities, and pursue a collective mission of improving lives through greater health, education, and socio-economic equity. Though we will operate as one organization, the rich legacy of each brand will continue.

Partner with Us

World Education strives to build lasting relationships with partners across diverse geographic regions and technical sectors to produce better education outcomes for all.