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We have been dedicated to empowering and transforming communities, families, and individuals through programs in education, disability inclusion, economic development, mine action, and health in Laos since 1992. Programs are designed to build capacity and thus self-reliance, promote self-sufficiency, and increase inclusion of all persons in Lao PDR.

We improve livelihoods, incomes, and economic resilience for families in rural communities and advocate to inform the Government of Lao policy development in social protection. Through a range of projects, we have run savings and credit unions, provided start-up grants, conducted financial literacy trainings, helped the rural poor establish micro-enterprises, and utilized financial services effectively.

Disability inclusion is a critical need and our work with people with disabilities spans those affected by landmines, among others. Working in partnership with a range of NGOs and government entities to strengthen the disability sector in Laos, we are improving services provided to people with disabilities so they can lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Land mines are an ongoing issue in Laos. We build the capacity of teachers and school directors to educate children on the risks of land mines—more than 300,000 students have been reached throughout Laos. For those affected by land mines, we help cover medical and rehabilitation costs. 

Finally, reaching the very poor and disabled—as well as women—with livelihoods training and business start-up grants is helping people become economically self-sufficient.

Learn more at the World Education/Laos website and the World Education Laos Facebook page.

World Education

Phiawat Village
Sisattanak District
Vientiane, Laos

Phone: 856.21.214.524

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World Education has been working in Laos since 1992.



World Education has implemented 20 projects in Laos.


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Currently, 26 staff members work at World Education in Laos.


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