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Our work in Senegal has focused on addressing the needs and concerns of girls and rural women, while also conducting peace-building in the conflict-torn Casamance region.

We have worked to strengthen the presence of Senegalese women in civil society in the Thies region and the Casamance, training women on the skills necessary to serve as journalists and broadcasters, while also increasing the sustainability and self-sufficiency of local organizations.

At the same time, World Education worked to build dozens of community radio stations in the Casamance. This radio network has become a central vehicle for coordinated operations, social and economic development, and the promotion of peace in the region. We trained journalists, who continue to broadcast programs related to a wide variety of issues of interest to communities, especially women,  including health care, local governance, the importance of girls’ education, harmful aspects of early marriage and pregnancy, and more. This network of community radios has been an important source of information for the populations of these regions.

Through the Ambassadors’ Girls’ Scholarship Program, we provided comprehensive education support for girlsparticularly those who are vulnerable and likely to drop out of school. By program end, World Education had provided more than 11,100 scholarships to 7,491 girls and 3,625 boys.

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World Education has been working in Senegal since 2004.



World Education has implemented 11 projects in Senegal.


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Currently, 3 staff members work for World Education in Senegal.


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