Preparing Marginalized Girls to Return to School

January 9th, 2020 | News


In December 2019, 8,100 out-of-school girls, aged 10 to 14, began a program that will help change their lives. They’ve been provided an opportunity to go back to school through an accelerated learning program.

The Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE) project, funded by UKAID/DFID, is designed to assist disadvantaged out-of-school girls to advance their education so they can ultimately rejoin the formal school system.

Working with the government of Ghana and a consortium of local NGOs, World Education organized community mapping to identify educationally marginalized girls in 300 rural communities.

This group of girls face barriers to education such as extreme poverty, modern-day slavery, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, disabilities or other factors. We have also trained community-based facilitators to teach functional literacy, numeracy, and life skills in order to reintegrate the 8,100 girls back into primary school.

Training of community facilitators using STAGE teaching and learning materials.

Training of community facilitators using STAGE teaching and learning materials.

World Education Ghana has built rigorous safeguarding protocols to ensure the safety of these girls and their communities. All facilitators and community oversight committee members have undergone safe vetting and training on child protection and adult safeguarding measures. Together with World Education staff and the local NGO partners, they are committed to supporting all the girls.

We have established various community-based reporting mechanisms and a project hotline where girls, community members, and others can report suspected abuse, after which we will work with stakeholders to investigate, provide survivor support, and engage communities and authorities to prevent other cases.

Together we can keep girls safe, support them to go to school or learn a vocation. World Education works to leave no girl behind!

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