Enhancing Access for Refugees and New Americans




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World Education will provide nationwide technical assistance to the adult education field, supporting holistic immigrant integration efforts in linguistic, economic, and civic pillars in partnership with RTI, WestEd, and Safal Partners.

President Biden’s recent executive order establishes a shared vision for individuals immigrating to the United States: “as a Nation of opportunity and of welcome, it is essential to ensure that our laws and policies encourage full participation by immigrants, including refugees, in our civic life.” The executive order also mandates the Secretary of Education to participate in the development of a national strategy to promote naturalization. With immigrants and their children expected to account for 85% of net growth in the U.S. workforce over the next 20 years, it is paramount to the nation’s prosperity that appropriate immigrant integration efforts, including education and training services, are in place to help these individuals achieve seamless linguistic, civic, and economic integration.

The Enhancing Access for Refugees and New Americans project recognizes the synergy between Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) programming and larger immigrant integration efforts and emphasizes the role that Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFLA) practitioners can play to increase the quality of services provided to New Americans and other English learners (ELs). Further, this project presents an opportunity to significantly improve the quality of linguistic, civic, and economic integration services provided to diverse adult ELs through two clear goals:

  • Build AEFLA-funded programs’ capacity and knowledge to develop and enhance high-quality IELCE programming.
  • Support the development of bridges and networks between AEFLA programs and other immigrant integration organizations and efforts to better serve and support adult ELs with a variety of needs.

To learn more, visit the EARN LINCS page here.

[1] Executive Order 14012. Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans. (February 2, 2021).

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