Establishment of Integrated Education Management and Information System (EMIS) and National and International Student Assessment Program


Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)



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World Education is improving policy development and decision-making in the education sector in Cote d'Ivoire by providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Education through the collection, analysis, and systematic use of relevant and high-quality educational data. 

This project, Establishment of Integrated Education Management and Information System (EMIS, or SIGE in French) and National and International Student Assessment Program, in partnership with Catalyseur de Developpment and funded by Millenium Challenge Account – Cote d'Ivoire (MCA – Cote d'Ivoire), assesses current systems for collecting and analyzing educational data and provides recommendations for improvement. The project’s objectives include:

  • Carry out a diagnostic and analyze the performance of current systems for collecting, processing, storing, interfacing, analyzing, and disseminating education data within the Ministry of National Education, Technical Education, and Vocational Training (MENETFP), and formulate recommendations.

  • Define the technical configurations of the components selected for the integrated EMIS with the EMIS Committee of MENETFP and MCA-Cote d'Ivoire. The integrated EMIS will collect and allow for analysis data focused on 5 areas:

    • Human resource management;

    • Education sector data monitoring and analysis,

    • Management of schools (integrating the management of material and budgetary resources)

    • Management of end-of-schools examinations

    • National and International Assessments of Educational Achievement (ENIA).

  • Monitor, with the support of the Technical Unit of the EMIS Committee and MCA-Cote d'Ivoire, the operationalization of the integrated EMIS. This activity will help create a centralized system where data will be collected from the regions of Gbeke and San Pedro to central structures and stored in a data center. 

  • Assist the Department of Monitoring of Progrms and MCA-Cote d'Ivoire in developing and carrying out the national and international assessments of student learning outcomes.

By integrating data from different departments of the Ministry of Education, decision-makers will have improved access to data and will be euipped with the skills and knowledge needed to establish systems for data analysis. As a result, decision-makers will be able to make evidence-based decisions for policy development and routine education management.



Improving Access to Data for Education Decision Making in Côte d’Ivoire

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