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World Education used matching support from World Bank to support all project schools and local goverment in Jajarkot, East and West Rukum to more firmly embed EGR practices and enable teachers to address the learning needs of children with disabilities (CWD). The Inclusive Education Initiative had two parts – (1) to address teacher skills through training and mentoring, and (2) to identify and manage data on children with disabilities.

Under the first component, World Education supported the design of the inclusive education teacher training package, which included topics like Individualized Education plans (IEPs), the Washington Group Questions, multi-tiered system of supports, educational technology, and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. In addition, World Education provided training and mentorship to teachers, building teacher capacity to better support the learning needs of children with disabilities.


  • 504 early grade teachers trained to use UDL and inclusive teaching practices to address the learning needs of children with disabilities and struggling learners
  • 504 early grade teachers trained to identify children in need of medical assessments for disability through early screening.
  • 504 teachers in 355 schools incorporated use of IEPs in their schools.

Under the second component, World Education conducted EMIS training to municipality officials, which not only strengthened their capacity in operating the EMIS system effectively, but also gave confidence to initiate EMIS trainings at the school level.


  • 15 municipality data managers and education focal persons were introduced to the technical aspects of the CWD-EMIS subsystem. They were also trained on how to provide access to schools on data management of children with disabilities.
  • In turn, the trained education focal persons initiated EMIS training for head teachers and teachers in their municipalities, providing 220 EMIS trainings to 149 schools in Jajarkot, East and West Rukum.

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