Integrated Education and Training (IET) in Correctional and Reentry Education 


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Justice-impacted people have disproportionately lower educational attainment rates and limited opportunities for employment upon reentry. The traditional correctional education model uses siloed sequential secondary and postsecondary education, and many people leave correctional settings without achieving any educational mobility, putting them at higher risk of recidivism. The IET in Corrections initiative is disrupting the traditional model by building IET models in twelve institutions within six states and creating a broader understanding of IET in correctional and reentry settings across the nation.  

Integrated Education and Training (IET) is an evidence-based acceleration strategy to support people who are incarcerated or returning to their communities and employment.  World Education/NCTN is nationally recognized as a leader in the accelerated contextualized IET strategy. World Education is developing and disseminating resources to expedite partnerships between career technical education, adult education, and correctional education professionals.  WEI is providing direct technical assistance to program providers; documenting qualitative and quantitative data on project progress; and performing other tasks as needed in support of these objectives. A key task is co-creating models of IET in correctional and reentry settings with state and local partners.

The project team is working closely with the US Department of Education’s IET Design Camp contractor to support unified designs that can be customized to communities and contexts.  Final deliverables will include a framework of IET in Corrections and Reentry Education models, an updated Educational Technology in Correctional Settings guide, and a revised Reentry Framework.

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