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World Education is implementing phase two of the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program (MGD17), 2017-2022, in Benin. Under the program, World Education supports 144 schools, 274 teachers and 97 Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) through teacher training and community mobilization activities.

As in the first phase of the program, World Education is responsible for institutional capacity building in the education sector, training teachers and school administrators, and raising awareness on the importance of education by engaging communities through PTAs, especially Mothers’ Associations.

A number of novelties have also been introduced; namely, in addition to training teachers on research-based methodology to teach reading and writing in grades 1-2, the program also trains 20 Kindergarten (K) and pre-K teachers on building the developmentally-appropriate language, literacy, social, and emotional skills of this age group. Training is also provided to teachers of multi-grade classrooms, specifically focused on effective classroom management and differentiation strategies. Radio broadcasts, listening groups and awareness raising campaigns continue to be used to engage communities, including opinion leaders, on supporting children’s rights and child protection, in addition to other topics, such as gender equity,  girls’ education, stopping early and forced marriage, supporting children’s school enrollment, already introduced through MGD14. Finally, an advocacy component has been added to the project so that, in cooperation with CRS, World Education will engage with the Ministry of Education to present evidence for long-term education reform.


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