Myanmar-UK Partnership for Education – Evaluation, Evidence and Learning Component


Department for International Development (DFID)



The Myanmar-UK Partnership for Education (MUPE) is a five-year program that aims to support more relevant learning for all Myanmar’s children, equipping them for life after school. The program supports the Government of Myanmar, Ministry of Education and local/ethnic authorities and other non-state actors to make the education system in Myanmar more accessible, better in quality, and more inclusive.

The MUPE program, funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), comprises five components, which aim to improve pre-service teacher training, strengthen English language teaching practices and continuing professional development, support the Ministry of Education to implement the new assessment policy, build the capacities of ethnic and monastic education providers, and promote inclusion and social cohesion in Rakhine State.

In partnership with IMC Worldwide Ltd., World Education worked on the Evaluation, Evidence and Learning Component (EELC) of MUPE. The goal of the EELC was to provide a robust evaluation of MUPE and to generate evidence and learning to inform project delivery and associated policy implementation. EELC also provided technical assistance to other MUPE components as they developed and implemented their monitoring and evaluation systems, and worked closely with key stakeholders to strengthen their capacity for evidence-based decision making.

EELC also supported education reform efforts that were part of Myanmar’s National Education Strategic Plan.

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