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Since December 2018, the EdTech Center has provided technical assistance to the National Immigration Forum on their English at Work initiative (formerly the Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce) to develop, test, and scale new delivery models that would support anytime, anywhere mobile learning, making it possible to reach more immigrant working adults. English at Work is a first-of-its-kind blended training program comprising 40% face-to-face instruction and 60% online learning, part of the National Immigration Forum’s New American Workforce initiative, which works with over 400 businesses to assist their immigrant employees with citizenship legal services and English language learning.

In addition to providing ongoing edtech advising and technical support on eLearning program delivery, World Education is providing strategic communications support on the development of onboarding and promotional videos. The team has produced two orientation videos and a short promotional video for prospective employer partners on the program, instructional models, and impact to date. An article about this work will be featured in the spring 2021 issue of the COABE Journal on Workforce Development.   



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