Northern Mozambique Rural Resilience Project (MozNorte)


World Bank,UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS)



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MozNorte, a 5-year project developed by the Government of Mozambique and funded by the World Bank, will improve access to livelihood opportunities and management of natural resources for vulnerable communities. World Education leads a consortium to support the project’s Community Demand Driven Funds. This effort comes as a response to a global acceleration of natural resource exploitation and degradation.

The project seeks to tackle several key issues: the exclusion of local communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs), with a particular focus on women and youth, from accessing livelihoods dependent on renewable natural resources; environmental degradation and climate variability; the inadequate capacity of formal institutions to manage natural resources inclusively; and the marginalization of local communities from the decision-making processes regarding natural resource usage.

World Education, in collaboration with technical partner Verde Azul and three national NGOs, is assisting communities in four districts of Nampula (Mecuburi, Memba, Ribaue, and Erati) to implement climate-sensitive, inclusive, and participatory resilience building interventions that mitigate risks and enhance adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities, especially women, youth, and IDPs. We will provide grants to 108 community projects based on the needs and priorities identified by the communities themselves to stabilizing living conditions and creating opportunities to sustainably generate employment and income.



Generating Sustainable Livelihoods and Strengthening Social Integration in Mozambique

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