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Each day 1,500-2,000 individuals leave Nepal for labor migration. The majority of migrants are young men who have dropped out of school; however, there is a small but increasing number of women who also migrate for foreign employment. Migration brings with it the promise of better jobs and salaries, but also the risk of abuse and exploitation. Many migrants do not have vocational, basic literacy, numeracy, or soft skills. Their limited skills compromise their ability to negotiate and manage contracts and understand predatory loans, which traps many migrants in a cycle of debt and increases risk of exploitation.

Based on extensive programming and interviews with Nepali migrant workers, World Education has found that migrants need access to information and financial management support. Yet, face-to-face financial literacy classes do not help the thousands of Nepalis who leave the country daily.

In response, World Education developed Prabasi Ko Saath, a mobile app designed with and for migrant workers to help them make better decisions about foreign employment. The app provides migrant workers tools to calculate costs, expenses and savings while working abroad. Visit to learn more and use the web version or download the app on Google Play or on the Apple App Store.

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