SABES Program Support Professional Development Center


MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education


United States

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World Education’s SABES Program Support Professional Development Center works in creative and responsive ways to help educators maximize equitable access for their learners to education, career opportunities, and economic self-sufficiency. To achieve these goals, our team supports the 1,100 teachers, advisors, and program directors in the Massachusetts adult education (AE) system by providing professional development (PD) and customized coaching related to program management and educational leadership; career pathways; education, and career advising; digital literacy and distance education; diversity, equity, and inclusion; ADA resources and training; and the Massachusetts ABE Teacher License.

MA Adult Literacy Hotline

For 30 years, World Education has served as a SABES Center to coordinate, develop, and deliver high-quality PD to adult educators in support of the academic, employment, family, and civic goals of their learners. SABES is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


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