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During the 2015/2016 school year, 4.6% of students dropped out of school at primary level, while nearly 17% of students dropped out of lower secondary school, resulting in a Grade 9 completion rate of less than 40%. In response, the Royal Government of Cambodia and UNESCO initiated the Basic Education Equivalency Programme (BEEP) to tackle the issue of high dropout rates. 

BEEP provides a flexible alternative education to out-of-school youth to complete lower secondary/ basic education, equivalent to Grade 9. The mobile learning initiative enables Cambodian youth to pursue their educational interest while continuing professional activities. The 11 e-learning courses developed by the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and available online through Moodle, were piloted in 10 centers across Cambodia.

World Education’s EdTech Center provided technical assistance on the Moodle LMS development and mobile learning design, as well as technical training to UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport (MoEYS), and to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. The EdTech Center also provided technical support for various partners on the Moodle LMS development, course development and LMS administration, using the Moodle Mobile app, and expanding access by translating the app into Khmer.


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