UNICEF Basic and Equitable Education Program – Phase II


UNICEF,World Education, Inc.



In agreement with the Government of Mali, UNICEF initiated a program to entrust to local CBOs and NGOs the implementation of activities for which the Malian Department for Education has limited skills and resources. These activities include support for community participation in the development of basic education, community activities to support girls' education and gender equity, and capacity building of members of community-based educational organizations – namely school management committees and father's and mother's associations – in the development and implementation of school projects. It is in this context that World Education was chosen by the Malian Ministry of Education and UNICEF to implement activities around the following three components in the Koulikoro and Ségou regions: Subcomponent E01 (Enlightenment and Development of Young Children), sub-component E02 (Basic Education), and subcomponent EO3 (Nonformal Education). World Education is integrating these three components within and across villages, in a methodology which has come to be known as the "village trilogy."

World Education, leveraging its expertise in community involvement, knowledge of the implementation regions, and experience in working with state officials, local authorities and other partners involved in the education community, is implementing activities around the following services:

  • Provision of financial and material assistance (funds to conduct IGAS and provision of teaching materials and school supplies) to reduce the financial burden of families in the education of girls and boys in school and the skills development of adolescents and out of school teens;
  • Educational support for remedial training and monitoring of student attendance; and
  • Support for improved educational environments through community organization and mobilization, as well as sensitization of parents and communities to critical issues such as: STDs, HIV&AIDS, child rights, girls' education, capacity development of AMEs, creation village libraries, literacy and linkages between communities.

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World Education strives to build lasting relationships with partners across diverse geographic regions and technical sectors to produce better education outcomes for all.