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Under CDPF Phase III (2018-2023), one of the priority areas for investments, in line with MoEYS' national priorities, is teacher educator capacity development. So far, different development partners have supported MoEYS in creating various platforms and contents, and MoEYS has used those platforms to upgrade the capacity of teachers. A strong coordination and assessment on those platforms are needed in order to give clear direction to MoEYS to continue effectively upgrading the most useful platform and use it to accommodate more and more upcoming digital contents for teachers' advancement.

Therefore, through funding from CDPF Phase III under UNICEF, World Education is supporting MoEYS with enhancing the digital learning environment for educators through development of a high-quality, integrated online platform for teacher and teacher educator continuous professional development. Guided by principles of human-centered and user-centered design, building for long-term sustainability, ensuring accessibility and equity, and responsible use of technology, World Education began its education technology design work by conducting a national landscape scan with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the existing digital learning interventions, including platforms and centers that were or are in use for students and teachers and in what contexts they are effective or not.

The Cambodia Digital Education Landscape Scan resulted in two major products:
(1) digital education inventory
(2) situational analysis report with recommendations and findings which were disseminated to MoEYS, DIT, UNICEF, and other EdTech actors at the co-design workshop


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