Beyond the GED: Making Conscious Choices about the GED and your Future

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GED instructors—especially those who teach young people—often work with learners who are interested in getting GEDs because they hope or believe the credential will be the key to their economic futures. We firmly believe that receiving a GED credential is a valued step in an adult learner’s life for many intangible reasons. We also believe that learners have the right to know just what the GED will and won’t do for them in economic terms.

The National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) wanted the research findings on the economic impact of the GED to be accessible to learners and teachers. So we set about putting this information into classroom materials. The result is Beyond the GED: Making Conscious Choices about the GED and Your Future, a set of classroom materials designed for use by GED teachers in GED classrooms. The materials provide learners with practice in graph and chart reading, calculation, information analysis, and writing, while they examine the labor market, the role of higher education, and the economic impact of the GED.

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