Community Driven Convergence: MNEC Community Survey Results

The Mon National Education Department (MNEC) provides educational services to vulnerable children in Mon State as well as some parts of
Karen State and Tenasserim Division, Myanmar. MNEC provides high-quality education to Mon youth in their mother tongue. The Mon National School (MNS) education system allows students to receive a mother tongue-based education while incorporating Myanmar as a principle language. This allows for an education system that is valued by the community, works toward community and family cohesion and allows for the recognition of student learning and achievement, enabling them to transfer to formal education or to continue to higher education.

To further assess Community Driven Convergence in Mon State, World Education designed and implemented a mixed-methods research project to gain insights into community preferences regarding opportunities for children in Mon National Schools. Overall, the goal of the research was to identify key community-informed messages for future education interventions, policy engagement and planning.

This brief highlights the survey methodology, key findings, and recommendations. These findings demonstrate the continued need for coordination and dialogue between MNEC and the government to ensure students continue to have access to Government of Myanmar exams while demonstrating the importance of MNEC's MTB-MLE approach and engaging the community to drive forward quality education for students in Mon State. World Education, 2017.

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