ConnectEd Eighth Semi-Annual Report – October 1, 2014-June 30, 2015<br>

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Since ConnectEd began in April 2011 the program has reached 22,575 youth. Over that time, 3,556 volunteer placements have been filled
by Alcatel-Lucent employees.

The aim of ConnectEd is to help the most disadvantaged youth in Australia, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia to achieve better learning
outcomes, have skills that will make them better prepared for the world of work, and to be more active in their communities. While March
31, 2014 saw the end of ConnectEd activities in Australia, Brazil, China and India, the program’s successful approach continues in Indonesia.

In partnership with local NGO, Yayasan Bina Insan Mandiri (YABIM), 2,806 youth from the Depok area of greater Jakarta continue to be
reached through the ConnectEd program.

ConnectEd, funded by the Alcatel-Lucent foundation, uses a range of interventions to reach these goals, from scholarships, coaching, life
skills and personal development courses, to nonformal education programs for out-of-school youth, job skills training, work placement, and 'youth civic voice’ actions. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is also emphasized to enhance learning. ConnectEd recognizes the importance of possessing basic ICT skills for fostering inclusion, giving disadvantaged youth a better chance to cross the opportunities gap and to access more and better employment options.

This report summarizes the activities and successes of the program in Indonesia for the last seven months of Year 4.

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