Connecting with Youth & Improving Lives: Alcatel-Lucent Employee Engagement with the ConnectEd Program

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Under World Education's ConnectEd program, Alcatel-Lucent employees have been important resources – utilizing their skills, background and passions to benefit some of society’s most disadvantaged youth. From co-facilitating classes and workshops and tutoring, to helping with computer training, mentoring youth, donation drives or taking youngsters on outings – Alcatel-Lucent employees have involved themselves with ConnectEd in a whole range of ways. In just Year 3 alone, 2,171 volunteer placements were filled by Alcatel-Lucent employees across five countries, with 11,755 young people, parents and teachers benefiting.

Employees have strengthened youth’s work-preparedness and academic performance, opened their eyes to employment opportunities, provided inspiration, instilled self-confidence and influenced decisions that will have a ripple effect lasting a lifetime. This article is not just a tribute to these employees and the ConnectEd youth, but also a testimonial to the value of employee engagement in programs serving young people in need. World Education, 2016.

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