Improving HIV Outcomes for Children and Adolescents

Though Malawi is on track to achieve 95-95-95 goals, children and adolescents living with HIV lag behind adults in status awareness (88% overall vs. 75% for children) and in viral load suppression (97% overall vs. 75% for children). While HIV prevalence for children is only 0.7% as compared to 8.1% for adults, children represent 15% of AIDS related deaths annually.

Funded by USAID/PEPFAR and led by The Bantwana Initiative of World Education, the Ana Patsogolo Activity (APA) uses family-based case management to improve HIV outcomes for children and adolescents. APA upskills community case workers to conduct child and family assessments, develop case plans, manage referrals, carry out routine monitoring of child and family well-being, and monitor progress towards graduation benchmarks until case closure.

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