Responding to young people’s call for an education that responds to the environmental crisis

Young people already know what type of education they need to protect the future of our planet. They are demanding an education that allows them to “understand and take better action on climate change and to help reconsider the human place within nature, through whole-school approaches.”

Throughout our history, World Education has approached education holistically by convening households, communities, teachers, and partners across the education sector to develop and implement curricula and apply transformative, learner centered pedagogies. This approach, which fosters equity and involvement of people usually excluded from decision making, will allow us to support the education sector to advance a radical shift whereby learners have the skills and knowledge to be resilient to and challenge the causes of climate change and environmental degradation.

World Education must respond to young people’s clarion call for educational change. In this paper, we examine what is needed and where steps are being taken to meet this demand.

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