SABES Math Bulletin: Building Research Into Practice, Volume 2, Issue 3

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As we wrap up our summaries from the Review of the Literature in Adult Numeracy: Research and Conceptual Issues in this issue, we look more closely at numeracy-related professional development research. Also, we capture the final recommendations for future work in ABE numeracy research by touching on an array of topics.

Through these summaries, you will discover keys to effective professional development, assessment improvement recommendations, a range of definitions for numeracy, and much more. All of this material is shared in order to generate discussion among numeracy practitioners seeking to improve classroom practices. We also share some thoughts about the entire report on p. 5.

Finally, we include insights into the early development of number sense from the book: How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School. These insights, the authors suggest, can help explain why fractions frazzle learners—a question that plagues each new generation of ABE teachers. World Education, 2008.

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