SABES Math Bulletin: Building Research Into Practice, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Fall means new programs starting and often it means meeting new students. Because this is the traditional ‘start of the school year,’ we are focusing on some basic principles: what characterizes effective instructors, and what strategies research shows are effective when teaching mathematics. We hope these primers help you start off your year on firm footing.

Also in this edition, we share some recent research about brain hardwiring for math, as well as some information about the ‘levels of knowing’ in mathematics, which can help direct us when designing activities and lessons for students at all levels of understanding.

Readers interested in creating a classroom culture that fosters equity and mathematical growth will want to check out “How Did You Solve That Problem” on page 6.

Together, we hope these research pieces help you become a stronger teacher and help math class become the best part of each student’s time at the learning center. World Education, 2008.

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