STESSA Teacher Guide on e-STEM and other Online Learning Tools

The Teacher Guide developed by WE during the STESSA project in Egypt intends to support teachers’ use of digital learning resources. The guide specifically focuses on the Egyptian MOETE online learning platform, e-STEM, and other recommended online, open resources such as LabXchange, Khan Academy, Quill, and ReadWorks.

The target audience of this guide is both English and STEM teachers. We envision the guide supporting teachers with varying experience, knowledge, and skill levels to work better with their students in blended and distance instruction and tools.

The teacher guide is part of a Teacher Professional Development Model which encompasses 3 Google Classroom courses. Google Classroom was chosen as the preferred platform due to its accessibility, familiar design and user interface. There are no costs involved in the development or maintenance and Egyptian stakeholders are able to adapt the content and revise the structure as needed.

Three courses were developed. Two focused on building English language skills of teachers and students; ‘Oral English Language Development of Egyptian STEM High School Teachers’ and ‘STEM Academic English for Teachers. The third one is titled ’e-STEM and other online tools’ and promotes the use of online free education resources such as LabXchange, ReadWorks and other tools in teaching and learning.

Each course contains video lessons, practice and reflection exercises. A supplemental teacher guide provided additional study material. STEM teachers could follow the course at their own pace whilst they were encouraged to try out what they have learned in the classroom and organize small group reflection exercises. A WhatsApp system was designed to communicate and motivate teachers.

Classroom administrators track individual teacher’s progress and assign specific exercises based on scores of built-in assessments or through assessments using Kahoot or Flipgrid. Through guided self-reflection, teachers made an action plan to help them apply new skills and knowledge at the end of each course.

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