Strategic Approaches to Girls Education Teaching and Learning Technical Brief

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Our Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), part of the Strategic Approaches to Girls Education (STAGE) project, helped girls aged 10 to 14 years old gain literacy and numeracy skills. After 9 months, 95% of the participants transitioned to formal education, and a number of girls out-performed their peers in school. With technical support from World Education, STAGE developed the teaching and learning material and pedagogy for the ALP to support facilitators and students. High transition rates to formal education and significant learning gains show the need for further improvement of Complementary Basic Education materials and more initiatives to help out-of-school youth.

These foundational literacy teaching and learning materials produced by STAGE are in nine different languages spoken in the regions where STAGE is operating so that students can learn in their mother tongue. Facilitators are also trained in applying gender-sensitive and inclusive pedagogy. Girls with disabilities receive individual support in learning, applying for government assistance, receiving disability screening, and maintaining personal well-being. This technical brief dives deeper into how STAGE teaching and learning materials and techniques impacted learning outcomes for girls in Ghana.

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