Taking Action to Improve Your Environment A Technology-Enhanced Environmental Health Project for Youth Facilitator’s guide

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Designed for youth leaders, teachers, and facilitators who work with youth under the ConnectEd Program, this guide is for people who are able to meet regularly with a class or group and have time and support to implement an in-depth project. The guide is presented in such a way that neither facilitators nor youth will need to use a computer. For those facilitators who do wish to use technology, however, the guide provides alternative activities in each module that do.

The guide is organized into four modules that build upon each other. Module 1 provides background and calls upon participants' experience and prior knowledge. In Module 2, participants investigate a problem and find solutions to the driving questions 'What are the health risks in our local environment? What can we do to prevent them?' In Modules 3 and 4, participants work together and present their findings.

This guide was developed for the ConnectEd Project, funded by Alcatel-Lucent. The project works to address the factors limiting the work and life options for disadvantaged youth around the globe.

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