The Role of Participation in ABE-to-College Transition Programs in Adult Student Postsecondary Enrollment, Persistence, and Success

The Adult Transitions Longitudinal Study (ATLAS) was an unprecedented longitudinal study of 227 adult students who entered one of 11 ABE-to-College transition programs in fall 2007 or spring 2008. The study followed these students for four years. The goal of these college transition programs was to help adult students build their personal, career, academic, and college knowledge readiness. The programs were all components of larger adult education programs participating in the New England ABE-to-College Transition Project designed and managed by World Education and funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation since 2000.

This research brief details the students' college outcomes and success stemming from participating in the college transition programs. The findings also have implications for adult education programs, and colleges as they serve students who are planning to enter and continue on in college. World Education, 2016.

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