Transforming Data into Action: Fostering College Success for Single Mothers and Parenting Students

Transforming Data into Action describes the accomplishments, findings and impacts of College Success for Single Mothers and the eight participating colleges. College Success for Single Mothers was a three-year project led by World Education's National College Transition Network (NCTN) in partnership with PERG Learning and Achieving the DREAM. The goal of the project was to increase colleges’ capacity to collect data to identify parenting students, with particular attention to single mothers students, and use that data to address their needs through the implementation of targeted action plans.

Each college is transforming data into action to better support student parents’ success and improve and sustain systems for ongoing data collection and use. Transforming Data into Action offers insights into what made colleges successful in their efforts. The report contributes to the limited body of research literature and practical guidance for colleges on successful approaches to improving the conditions and outcomes for parenting students.

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