Understanding What Reading Is All About

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Reading teachers are often guided by what they know about the stages and components of the reading process, but they may not share this information with learners. By understanding how others become fluent readers, learners can reflect on their own process of improving reading skills.

This guide offers a set of 13 lessons designed to help learners understand the components of reading that are part of becoming a more fluent reader, and to guide them as they work with the teacher to set their own goals for reading. The lessons can be used as an independent mini-course, or they can be integrated into an existing curriculum. The guide is not intended as a comprehensive reading course or curriculum; rather, it can inform teachers and students as they plan learning activities that address the goals and skill needs of learners. For example, some learners, particularly those at a beginning reading level, may benefit from a highly structured curriculum of direct reading instruction, and this guide can help point them in that direction.

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