USAID | Aprender a Ler Decodable Books: O Ivo e a Ema. (Portuguese)

The USAID| Aprender a Ler (ApaL) project, implemented by World Education, developed a set of decodable books to help children who are becoming more fluent in reading words, sentences, and paragraphs. These eighteen small books have been produced to be used during USAID|ApaL lessons. In a classroom setting each child has a book to practice paired reading. Decodable books contain simpler text than the read alouds and can also be useful for students to practice at home.

These decodable books are teaching and learning aids (TLAs) developed by USAID| ApaL to accompany a set of lesson plans for teachers in project schools. TLAs include items such as letter charts, key word cards, and sets of books for students to practice reading. By following the lesson plans and using these materials, teachers are able to teach children to sound out letters, small words, and sentences.

O Ivo e a Ema. is the eighteenth book of the set. All 18 books are available in the International Publicationssection of our website.

For more information on these materials please contact USAID/ApaL Senior Reading Expert, Willem van de Waal

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