USAID | Aprender a Ler Leveled Books: O jogo de neca

The goal of the USAID| Aprender a Ler project was to achieve a proficient level of reading comprehension among second and third grade students. Building up skills like decoding and listening comprehension work toward that goal, but it is also essential to create a literacy environment to stimulate students and motivate them to utilize their new skills.

Twelve leveled books were developed by USAID| Aprender a Ler as texts that gradually increase in difficulty from basic to the most complicated. These books were made to include more complex vocabulary and stories than the decodable books and are also colorful and contextualized. At the end of each book, there is a series of comprehension questions that the readers should respond to.

The levels are designated by color and mode of transport (bicycle to rocket).

  • Level 1 is characterized by a red strip and a bicycle symbol, and includes the titles O gato e o rato; A bola do Lino; O meu pai; O João e a Maria
  • Level 2 is characterized by a green strip and a motorcycle symbol, and includes the titles O jogo de neca; As cores; O golo; O que ouvimos?
  • Level 3 is characterized by a yellow strip and a car symbol, and includes the titles A dança; O coelho esperto
  • Level 4 is characterized by a blue strip and a rocket symbol, and includes the titles As árvores; A menina Ema

All 12 leveled books are available in the International Publications section of our website.
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