Waache Wasome Livelihood Improvement for Mothers and Caregivers of Adolescents (LIMCA) Intervention Overview

LIMCA (Livelihood Improvement for Mothers and Caregivers of Adolescents) is an economic resilience strategy that catalyzes change at the household level. The aim is to strengthen families’ financial resilience as well as to improve parent-child and gender dynamics to the benefit of girls’ education in Tanzania.

The LIMCA community-managed savings group model has been refined by World Education, Inc.’s Bantwana Initiative over a period of years. At its core, LIMCA supports member groups to build up economic assets starting with small savings, using those to make business loans that are repaid with interest, and developing business skills. At the same time, LIMCA group sessions provide an avenue to layer in additional interventions that promote awareness and positive change around gender norms, parenting practices, health issues, and the prevention of violence against women and children. LIMA has proven to build economic resilience, transform family dynamics and gender stereotypes, and support education, health, and emergency needs.

Under the USAID-funded Waache Wasome (“Let them Learn”) project, our LIMCA intervention has been key to forwarding the broader aim of girls’ education and retention in secondary school.

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