Wrap-Around Services

The NCTN Promising Practice Series presents detailed descriptions of strategies from the field that are designed to promote the successful transition of students from ABE to postsecondary education.

Capital IDEA provides comprehensive support services, referred to as wrap-around services, to every student enrolled in the program until they graduate from college or enter employment.

These wrap-around services include:

  • Weekly class meetings with a career counselor
  • Weekly (at minimum) individual contact with a career counselor
  • Full payment of tuition expenses
  • All books and materials provided
  • Childcare voucher for hours spent in classes for students actively enrolled
  • One-time emergency assistance with rent or other expenses on a case-by-case basis
  • Referral and vouchers to more intensive clinical services, e.g. mental health, when necessary
  • Transportation assistance, as needed on a case-by-case basis

Career counseling is the heart of their program. Each student is assigned a career counselor based on the student’s chosen career path. The career counselors are very specialized—they have to learn everything they can about the fields of study they cover and know about the curriculum, skill requirements, and work opportunities in order to assist students with their career goals. The career counselors are focused on helping students stay in and succeed in school. Currently, a staff of 10 counselors work with 650 enrolled students, giving each a caseload of 60 to 70 students.

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