World Education to Support Conflict-affected Communities Through New Prevention and Recovery Program

January 28th, 2022 | News


World Education is empowering local organizations in Mali to support the needs of conflict-affected communities through the new Baani Batto Activity, part of USAID’s Conflict Prevention and Recovery Program. World Education has been working in Mali for 30 years, engaging in peacebuilding activities in the north to ensure communities can thrive and individuals receive important services like education.

Northern Mali has experienced decades of conflict resulting from political instability and the presence of armed groups. Despite reaching an agreement in 2015 between the government and rebels to restore peace, there is disagreement on its interpretation. This has prevented conflict recovery and prevention activities moving forward and, as a result, social cohesion remains fragmented, there is an absence of trust and meaningful communication between communities and local authorities.

World Education, in partnership with local organizations, is working to ensure that communities, local NGOs, and other actors in conflict zones have the tools and organizational structures to address future conflict. The Baani Batto Activity, named for a Songhay phrase meaning “a space for peace”, is centered around convening groups and individuals to participate in productive dialogue to determine shared goals, working collaboratively towards accomplishing them, and reflecting on the process in a supportive atmosphere. The program aims to make reconciliation processes stronger and conflict prevention decision-making more inclusive at the local level.

Baani Batto will engage community members to examine the challenges that they face to resolve conflict and build resilience. The program utilizes World Education’s Participatory Community Diagnostic (PCD) approach to develop a community action plan to address these challenges. Baani Batto will also promote local sustainability by using World Education’s organizational capacity assessment to build the capacity of nine existing Conflict Management Committees, who will be responsible for conveying accessible messages about communities’ and local transition authorities’ rights, responsibilities and duties relating to conflict management and prevention, and local governance.

World Education implements the Baani Batto Activity with local partner Aide à l’Enfant du Désert et du Sahel and support from USAID to meet the needs of Northern Malian communities in the Gao, Ménaka and Kidal regions.

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