Transforming Immigrant Digital Equity (TIDE)

Promising Tech-Enabled ESOL Practices & Resources

Drawing on the findings of the Remote ESOL Project, these resources are for programs and practitioners seeking to strengthen their tech-enabled ESOL instruction.

Brief on Virtual Learning Circles

Screenshot of the Virtual Learning Circles learning model brief by TIDE

This brief provides an overview of virtual learning circles and their role in a larger English language learning ecosystem as an effective strategy and low-intensity model, as well as considerations for programs looking to implement the model. Read the brief here.

Additional Learning Circle Resources

Program Practices for the EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit

Screenshot of the EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit app on desktop

The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit is a resource to help educators explore sustainable edtech routines – general, repeatable edtech activities that can be leveraged regularly regardless of context or content and provide predictable experiences for learners – and understand the underlying evidence-based strategies behind their use.

Drawing on the findings of the Remote ESOL Project, the TIDE project team has developed a new component of the Toolkit called Program Practices – best practices involving edtech that are meant to be implemented at the program, rather than classroom, level.

Access the EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit here.

The Change Agent

Cover of The Change Agent, Issue #57: Creating New Community

The Change Agent is an online magazine for adult educators and learners published by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) at World Education. The Change Agent’s mission is to provide a low-cost teaching resource that features writings by adult learners and inspires adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning.

Each issue explores a different topic through student writing, news articles, opinion pieces, classroom activities, poems, graphics, and cartoons. The Change Agent’s website includes many additional resources, including audio versions of articles (sortable by level), links between specific Change Agent articles and the College and Career Readiness Standards, and extra resources for each issue. (Click here to see an example of one article available in three different formats – PDF, audio, and Google Slides.)

For the 2022-2023 academic year, The Change Agent is publishing three issues centered on immigrants and immigration:

  • Issue 56 (August 2022): Our Immigration Stories
  • Issue 57 (November 2022): Creating New Community
  • Issue 58 (February 2023): Finding Our Voices

A subscription to The Change Agent gives teachers – and all their students – access to everything on the website, and the cost is just $30 per teacher per year. Find out more here.