Reading, Writing, & Numeracy

Building foundational skills so people can thrive

Millions of adults in the U.S. need to improve their foundational reading, writing, and numeracy skills to be successful on their educational and career paths and in their roles as family members, workers, and civic participants. We increase the capacity of adult educators, programs, and states to meet these needs.

We have been closely involved in research and professional development in evidence-based reading instruction for adult literacy students for the past 20 years. We have developed writing instruction methods that incorporate authentic tasks and materials. And our support for math instruction ranges from basic numeracy through the mathematics required in workforce and college programs. In all of these areas, we have developed or contributed to learning standards for adult students and competency standards for teachers.

We design and provide professional development, technical assistance, training guides, and teaching resourcesthat support educators and state systems. Our Change Agent magazine and website provide materials that develop adult learners’ reading and writing skills and lift their voices and perspectives.

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