Nepali Government and Stakeholders Rally Behind Non-Formal Education

January 5th, 2018 | News


World Education was recently mentioned in the Himalayan Times for our work supporting non-formal education and lifelong learning.

On Friday, December 29, World Education, the National Campaign for Education Nepal and Global Action Network jointly hosted a meeting to discuss strategies for further integrating non-formal education and lifelong learning into education policies across Nepal. The gathering focused on how to support local and provincial bodies to prioritize non-formal education under the new federal government structure.

World Education’s Jyoti Rana Magar spoke at the event and shared key highlights from the mid-term review of the latest CONFINTEA declaration, a product of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s Sixth International Conference on Adult Learning and Education, which took place in Brazil in 2009.

Friday’s event was supported by ASPBAE – Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in the Asia South Pacific, a regional association of more than 200 organizations and individuals involved in formal and non-formal adult education, working with and through NGOs, community organizations, government agencies, universities, trade unions, indigenous people, women’s organizations, the media, and other civil society institutions of across the Asia Pacific region.

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