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Strengthening entrepreneurship and small business growth is essential to the Government of Lao PDRs plan to graduate from Least Developed Country (LDC) status by 2020. While women play a pivotal role in driving social transformation and economic development, many women in the country lack access to capital, networks, and skills-training.

World Education has launched a Women's Entrepreneurship Center in Vientiane, Lao, to foster the development of women-owned sustainable small businesses.

The establishment of the Women's Entrepreneurship Center in Vientiane – where no such center currently exists – gives Lao women a space to create, innovate, and sustain a business under the mentorship of experts in their field. When the project ends, Lao women will be able to continue their businesses and contribute to both their own growth and national growth.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the Center will be accessed by 600 women over three years. It is anticipated that more than 390 women will develop sustainable, profitable new businesses and 120 women with existing businesses will grow their businesses by 15% through a combination of small business management training and technical skills development.

World Education will award 80 scholarships for women from disadvantaged rural areas throughout the project. Scholarships will include technical training in hairdressing, tailoring, natural dyes, and weaving. In addition to the awarding of scholarships, the Women's Entrepreneurship Center will provide training to women entrepreneurs in small business management, web design, and English language.

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