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The Women's Leadership: Civic Leadership and Journalism project strengthened the presence and voice of women in the media as a way to develop community-level leadership roles for Senegalese women. The program built upon the popularity of community radio in Senegal to deliver messages and spread awareness about women's rights. The program targeted 13 rural communities, comprised of 543 villages that are home to approximately 360,000 people.

World Education coordinated with two Senegalese NGOs, and the Information and Training of Community Radios (INFORMORAC), to provide women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to serve as journalists/broadcasters, and worked with radio managers to ensure that women are frequently featured as broadcasters/hosts, guest speakers, and key experts in community radio, as well as in management positions. In addition, Women's Leadership trained station managers and broadcasters on program formatting and gender themes to make sure that radio programming is infused with gender-equitable messages.

Complementing these efforts, World Education established facilitated community listening groups that meet regularly to reflect on the radio programming and explore women's rights, particularly gender equity and women's leadership. Women's Leadership also built local organizations' capacity to promote women's leadership at the community level.

This project was a follow on to a three-year USAID-funded project in Senegal's Casamance region.

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Stories of Capacity Development: Women's Leadership in Senegal


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